Dirty Arm Farm

Dabbin' Dirty Arm

It’s a cold, crisp morning, and fog is lying over the Lithia duck pond. The Ashland plaza fountain is spewing fart flavored water, and the people are stoned. It’s harvest time, and everyone and their grandmother is growing pot!

While browsing Instagram a few days ago, I came across a video of this clear, rose gold tinted, honey-like substance bubbling in a hopper, and elegantly dripping into a mason jar. The video, only posted a few days prior @dirtyarmfarm (over 24.2K followers), already had over 9,000 views and donned the hashtag #ROSEGOLD.

I instantly jumped to their website to check out their other cannabis creations; Adabinol, Adistinol, Adropinol, Live Resin, and Lean Back Sizurp. Their products page almost reads like a pharmaceutical prescription.

Rose GoldIt’s not long before I discover that Dirty Arm is a perfect example of Oregon cannabis culture. They want to give everyone the opportunity to take legit dosage while using cannabis for medicine, but also supply the party to the recreational crowd. We all love to heal ourselves with herb, but we also like to slip into euphoric wonder just for shits and giggles.

The owners of Dirty Arm Farm are sort of neighborhood hero’s in the local cannabis community. These guys got first place at the 2015 Dope Cup for best concentrate, and a local named “Vapor Dave” tells me that me that everyone in the extraction game compares their best product to Dirty Arm’s concentrates.

Q & A with Jamie Syken (Founder of Dirty Arm Farm)

What’s your favorite bud?

Dog Shit Haze / Dog Walker / OGKB

What are three things you’re most proud of with your products?

  1. Sun has to be involved, we don’t use any indoor grown bud for our processing.
  2. Has to be grown with a wild water source, so no chemicals get involved.
  3. Minimal nutrients, absolutely no synthetic nutrients or non-organic products are involved.

Can you tell me a little about this elusive rose gold distillate that the internet is going crazy over?

We do a fractional distillation, then take the concentrate, turn the concentrate to vapor, then turn it back into concentrate. It’s a really effective way to get major filtration. It’s pure cannabinoids. This is really amazing for people with sensitive lungs. It’s some of the best we’ve ever made.”

Check out all of their products at dirtyarmfarm.com, or visit one of the many dispensaries statewide who carry Dirty Arm Farm’s products.

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